Management Training

Management Training and Process Consultation

Saphira Linden, MA, RDT-BCT, LCAT, TEP

We use innovative workshop techniques to encourage greater trust among co-workers, giving managers the experience of their own creativity, and encourage a more humane climate in which managers and workers can thrive.

Transpersonal Group Dynamics Model in Action

A One-Day Workshop for Organizational Development Professionals. A choice of a weekend or weekday sessions and on-going consulting. Dates and fees to be arranged.

Omega Management Consulting works with organizations using creative imagery, expressive theatre arts, transpersonal psychology, the application of intuitive techniques and breath work to teach O.D. professionals ways to:

  • Transform the organizational mind-set
  • The use of a “visioning” process in corporations
  • Build teams, heal discord, overcome negativity
  • Develop open and honest communication between functional levels, parallel work groups and individuals
  • Goal setting
  • Work with the politics of gender
  • Empathy Training for Marketing Groups
  • Personal And Professional Strategic Planning For Performance Excellence

Dave Farber, co-founder, and Leo Speigel, CEO of Sandpiper Networks, Inc. working with Saphira Linden on a corporate visioning process.

Dan Adams and Saphira Linden facilitating a creative problem solving process using role playing with Scudders Funds Marketing.