Drama Therapy Certificate Program Application Forms

To apply for the Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy Certificate Program please contact Omega Theater at info@omegatheater or call 617- 522-8300 to request an application form.

To apply for membership in the North American Drama Therapy Association please visit the NADTA website at http://www.nadta.org

The drama therapy training program is run in collaboration between Omega Theater and Parkside Arts & Health Associates under the co-leadership of Saphira Linden and Phillip Speiser.

This institute-based certificate program meets alternate route requirements toward credentialing in Drama Therapy as an (RDT).

Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy Certificate Program is a member of the Alternate Route Drama Therapy Consortium.

Location: Boston, MA

Origin: Began in the Fall of 1998, by Penny Lewis, PhD, RDT- BCT & Saphira Linden, MA, RDT-BCT, TEP