Theater, Therapy, and the Arts

Instructors: Saphira Linden, Joel Gluck, Jonathan Stein, Dan Weiner, Christopher Kavi Carboni, Suzanne Wilkins, Peter Kovner

Date/Time: June 8 through June 18

Location: Omega Theater

Cost: $900 per 3 credit course. Partial financial and work scholarships available. See below.

Course Description:

This10-day summer intensive includes all of the courses listed below and will explore the relationship between drama therapy, psychodrama, creative arts therapies, theater, creative drama and improvisation. Leaders in the field will present the various themes and explore these through discussion, readings and experiential activities. The goal is to deepen our understanding of how theater arts are used as healing and transformative agents and to present practical applications that can be used in professional practices within counseling, education, applied theater practices and community/social change. These courses are designed for students enrolled in drama therapy alternate track programs and are designed to meet the standards of the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) as an ‘Alternative Training’ program that leads towards a credential as an RDT-Registered Drama Therapist. The 10-day intensive is equivalent to 6 credits and falls under the category of Creative Arts Therapy (3 credits)  &  Creative Drama / Improvisation (3 credits). Students who are working toward their CP in psychodrama can also get as many as 90 hours of credit.

Participants will work with creative arts therapy and improvisation modalities to create a short theater piece that expresses each participant’s healing journey. Transformational Theater is a healing model designed to help both clients and audiences identify with their essential healthy core, sometimes referred to as soul-self, while working to be freed from their wounded and restricted self-images. Carl Jung said that the mental health of a community is based on peoples’ ability to tell their stories. The Transformational Theater process supports this need. This process makes it possible to transform these earlier wounded patterns into the creation of a new transformative story, supporting growth and health. Drawing on ancient traditions of healing through ritual theater, shamanism,  and alchemical processes of Jung and Sufism, we will take advantage of the overlap between the processes of performance and performance-making and those of self-exploration, real life relationships, investigation of meaning and envisioning a desired transformation. Participants will support each other in the creation of their pieces. Everyone will work with different art forms and will be involved in exploring role playing, script development out of improvisation, music, dance, poetry, masks, costumes etc. This creative drama / improvisational process connects us with our creative selves and a sense of new possibilities.

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