Theater Arts: Cosmic Celebration

This is a Special 1st Edition of both the CD & DVD. All profits go toward The Pir Vilayat Memorial Cosmic Celebration Fund, so that the message of the unity of all religions expressed in this powerful, theatrical form can be made available to a much wider audience. We hope to distribute the CD and DVD to libraries, schools,religious organizations, houses of worship, interfaith organizations, peace organizations, etc. We also hope to publish a coffee table book with many of the COSMIC CELEBRATION color photos as the centerfold. We welcome suggestions for places which might make broad use of these materials.

CD of the entire Boston 1977 Production: $18, plus shipping

DVD of a slide show of the Cambridge 1983 Production with some slides from others, with an introduction, and two Cable T.V. interviews and a live performance piece from the production: $40, plus shipping


(Tax deductible donations accepted beyond the cost of the product. Please contact for more information.)

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