The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy

a Transpersonal Approach through Theater Arts, Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, and Transformational Theater


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Table of Contents

Click for a larger view!Foreword
David Read Johnson
Zerka Moreno
Ellen Burstyn
Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Preface and Acknowledgments

Part 1: Foundations of Transpersonal Drama Therapy

1. Historical Evolution of Transpersonal Drama Therapy
Saphira Barbara Linden

2. Twelve Principles of Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy
Saphira Barbara Linden

3. Beyond the Medical Model: Finding One’s Soul
Adam Blatner

Part 2: Private Practice with Individuals Couples and Groups

4. Embracing the Missing Whole: How a Transpersonal Approach Softens the Pain Children Endure During Separation and Divorce
Annie Ready Coffey

5. Transpersonal Play and Drama Therapy with Young Children
Kirsten Hinsdale

6. Vision and Enactment: The Role of Self-=Creativity in the Therapeutic Relationship
James Mathews Grant

7. Nutrition Counseling and Transpersonal Drama Therapy: A Creative Arts Approach to Discovery and Recovery
Jacalyn Newman

8. Imagine Health: A Transpersonal Drama Therapy Approach to Cronic Illness
Kristi Davis

9. One-to-One Transpersonal Drama Therapy and Energy Healing in a Clinic Setting
Jami Osborne

10. Transpersonal Drama Therapy for clients in Transition
Peter C. Kovner

11. The Experienced Truth Shall Set You Free: Transpersonal Drama Therapy with Couples
Daniel Wiener

12. Intimacy Without Responsibility for the Other: The Conscious Evolution of Love—A Transpersonal Drama Therapy Process for Couples
Wendyne Limber

13. Women Empowered: Working with Severely Traumatized Women in Group Using Transpersonal and Drama Therapy Techniques
Siraj Paletta

14. Creating the Sacred Threshold: Using Visual Arts for Transformation
Iris Anne Grant

15. Whole Life Healing: Nia’s Journey into Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness
Robin “Osunnike” Scott-Manna

16. Benefits of Drama Therapy for Actors with Creative Blocks due to Fear, Anxiety and Depression
Jodi R. Leib

Part 3: Community Healing

17. Temenos in the Tenderloin: Transpersonal Drama and Expressive Arts Therapy in an Inner City Church-Based Community
Shoshana Simons

18. The Positive Power Inside: Integrating Sound, Music, Rhythm and Story with Children in Bereavement Camp
Christopher Kavi Carbone

19. Hospital Clowning as a Spiritual Practice
Part I: Jeannie Lindheim, Part II: Joyce Miriam Friedman

20. “Reach and Teach” Troubled Youth Today
Joyce Marrie

21. Juvenile Firesetters: Effective Interventions Using Action Methods, Psychodrama and Drama Therapy
Al Vautour

22. And Still We Rise: Prison Onstage, Inside and Out
Nat Warren-White and Dev Luthra

23. Heartless Killer or Suffering Soul? A Personal Journey of Transformation inside the Walls of a Maximum Security Psychiatric Forensics Hospital
Jonathan Stein

24. The Healing Arts Project: Dialogue, Healing and Community Building Following 9/11
Phillip Speiser

25. Staying Afloat: Using Drama Therapy with Katrina Survivors
Edward Williams

26. Drama Therapy Following an Acute Crisis: The Chair of the Slightly Healthier Self
Patrick Hughes

27. The Enlightenment Tradition of Jacob Levy Moreno—The Legacy of Sociatry
Edward Schreiber and Adam Barcroft

28. Transpersonal Drama Therapy: Drama Club with Low-Income Elders in an Inner City Nursing Home
Kirsten Hinsdale

Part 4: International Venues

29. Work with Prostituted and Vulnerable Women in India
Bobbi Ausubel

30. Insight Improvisation in Thailand: Drama Therapy Meets Vipassana Meditation
Joel Gluck

31. Arts and Human Development in Israel: An Intensive Course in a Women’s Studies Program Using a Transpersonal Approach to Theater Arts
Saphira Barbara Linden

32.. The Spirit of Healing Trauma: The Therapeutic Spiral Model
Kate Hudgins

33. Deep Story: Creative Resonance and the Play of the Embodied Voice
Molly Scott

34. From Sexual Abuse Victim in the Dominican Republic to Healer in the US Schools: Transformation through Transpersonal Drama Therapy

Part 5: Transformational Theater Process and Performances

Saphira Barbara Linden