History of Omega Theater

Artistic Directors have included:

  • Julie Portman
  • Saphira Barbara Linden
  • Richard Reichman
  • Linda Putnam
  • Steve Wangh
  • Daena Giradella
Omega Theater Ensemble

Nat Warren-White, Saphira Linden, Sarah Benson, Susan Nisenbaum-Becker, Paul Temple
Theater Workshop Boston

Theater Workshop Boston’s Om Theater Company and Reality Theater Company working at the Boston Center of the Arts in the 1970’s

Theater Workshop Boston, Inc. / Omega Theater: 
Celebrating 40 Years of Artistic Healing Work in the Greater Boston Community.

Incorporated in 1967, initially in residence at the Arlington Street Church and then the first theater in residence at the Boston Center for the Arts, Omega Theater spawned multiple acting companies including Om Theater, The Tribal Players, Reality Theater, Omega Arts Center and Omega Theater. Numerous grants were received from The Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanity, The National Endowment for the Arts as well as several corporate, foundation and other government grants. Omega Theater is currently located in Boston in Jamaica Plain. It began as a pioneer experimental theater company directed by Co-Founders and Artistic Directors, Julie Portman and Saphira Barbara Linden, with a creative vision and energy that has contributed to its evolution and endurance for forty years. Numerous theater artists have contributed to the diverse dramatic forms brought to many multi-cultural audiences including artists, students, teachers, clergy, families and corporations who have benefited from not only the creative potential but the educational and therapeutic potential of theater as well. The theater’s commitment has broadened to training professionals in the art of theater and drama for personal, professional and global transformation.

Today, Omega Theater continues to not only produce healing and educational plays, but also runs Psychodrama Trainings and the Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy Certificate Program under the direction of Saphira Linden and Phillip Speiser. Transpersonal Drama Therapy utilizes the embodied arts in the recovery from all forms of abuse, dysfunctional relationships, and associated limitations acquired from personal history toward an experience of being fully present and whole. From this consciousness, transpersonal drama therapy offers creative experiences through which individuals develop an awareness of their potential service to expanding human consciousness. The importance of an embodied creative arts therapy approach is based upon the premise that transformation toward wholeness can more easily occur through the experience of working with different artistic forms in the service of healing.  Check out the course schedule for the next psychodrama and drama therapy training held at the studio in Jamaica Plain. Learn more about the Faculty here.

In the past, Omega Theater has produced original plays such as RIOT, TRIBE, CREATION, SUNSONG, AWAKENING, THE FINDING PLACE , EARTHEART and the COSMIC CELEBRATION.  The theater’s most recent play, MOTHERBLOOD, created by Saphira Linden and Susan Nisenbaum portrays a powerful encounter between an Israeli and a Palestinian mother, both of whom lost a child in the tragedy of war. MOTHERBLOODevolves with the complex issues and feelings that are challenging Israelis and Palestinians today.

MOTHERBLOOD was created to be a powerful educational vehicle for learning about the major issues in the Middle East conflict from both the Israeli and Palestinian perspectives.  The production staff has been working with communities engaging synagogues, churches, mosques, high schools, colleges and community groups to work together to co-sponsor and host together the performance.

The two playwright-actresses were motivated to write MOTHERBLOOD by the urgency of the Middle East crisis. They wanted to use their gifts as theater artists, therapists and educators to offer a meaningful creative and educational experience that would catalyze the audiences’ motivation to become involved in envisioning possibilities for peace.