The chapter about my spiritual journey may be supplemented in several ways:

First, on my website I have several parts that might be relevant to readers, and I encourage them to browse: Just google Adam Blatner and you'll find my website.

1. I have many papers on general psychology and psychotherapy.

2. I have many papers on psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, and role theory, as well as photo directories of many psychodramatists, historical figures in the field, lists of current psychodrama books in English, drama therapy books, other types.

3. Near the bottom of the list of papers I have a number of webpages about my philosophy. I confess that these papers bridge over from pure reason and partake of the mythic. I think what is factual and known cannot adequately answer what else is there, what's it all about. As others have noted, science talks about what is, as far as we know; but it cannot address what should be.

4. I have a particularly rich blog, With many entries.

5. I also have papers by me and many others on a website that complements the 2007 anthology, Interactive and Improvisational Drama;

I welcome questions.

Warmly, Adam Blatner.