The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy

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1Historical Evolution of Omega Transpersonal Drama TherapySaphira Barbara Linden
2Twelve Principles of Omega Transpersonal Drama TherapySaphira Barbara Linden
3Beyond the Medical Model: Finding One’s SoulAdam Blatner
4Embracing the Missing Whole: How a Transpersonal Approach Softens the Pain Children Endure During Separation and DivorceAnnie Coffey
5Transpersonal Play and Drama Therapy with Young ChildrenKirsten Hinsdale
6Vision and Enactment: The Role of Self-Creativity in the Therapeutic RelationshipJames Mathews Grant
7Nutrition Counseling and Transpersonal Drama Therapy: A Creative Arts Approach to Discovery and RecoveryJacalyn Newman
8Imagine Health: A Transpersonal Drama Therapy Approach to Chronic IllnessKristi Davis
9One-to-One Transpersonal Drama Therapy and Energy Healing in a Clinic SettingJami Osborne
10Transpersonal Drama Therapy for Clients in TransitionPeter C. Kovner
11The Experienced Truth Shall Set You Free: Transpersonal Drama Therapy with CouplesDaniel Wiener
12Intimacy without Responsibility for the Other: The Conscious Evolution of Love — A Transpersonal Drama Therapy Process for Couples Wendyne Limber
13Women Empowered: Working with Severely Traumatized Women in Group Using Transpersonal and Drama Therapy TechniquesSiraj Paletta
14Creating the Sacred Threshold: Using the Visual Arts for TransformationIris Anne Grant
15Whole Life Healing: Nia’s Journey into Sexual Healing, Liberation, and WholenessRobin “Osunnike” Scott-Manna
16Benefits of Drama Therapy for Actors with Creative Blocks due to Fear, Anxiety and DepressionJodi R. Leib
17Temenos in the Tenderloin: Transpersonal Drama and Expressive Arts Therapy in an Inner City Church-Based CommunityShoshana Simons
18The Positive Power Inside: Integrating Sound, Music, Rhythm and Story with Children in Bereavement CampChristopher Kavi Carbone
19Hospital Clowning as a Spiritual PracticeJeannie Lindheim & Joyce Miriam Friedman
20“Reach and Teach” Troubled Youth TodayJoyce Marrie
21Juvenile Firesetters and the Transpersonal Social AtomAlfred G. Vautour
22And Still We Rise: Prison Onstage, Inside and OutNat Warren-White & Dev Luthra
23Heartless Killer or Suffering Soul? A Personal Journey of Transformation Inside the Walls of a Maximum Security Psychiatric Forensics HospitalJonathan Stein
24The Healing Arts Project: Dialogue, Healing and Community-building Following 9/11Phillip Speiser
25Staying Afloat: Working with Katrina Survivors with Drama TherapyEdward Williams
26Patients in Acute Crisis: Chair of the Slightly Healthier SelfPatrick Hughes
27The Enlightenment Tradition of Jacob Levy Moreno and The Legacy of SociatryEdward Schreiber & Adam Barcroft
28Transpersonal Drama Therapy with Low-Income Elders in a Skilled Nursing FacilityKirsten Hinsdale
29Work with Prostituted and Vulnerable Women in IndiaBobbi Ausubel
30Insight Improvisation in Thailand: Drama Therapy Meets Vipassana Meditation Joel Gluck
31Arts and Human Development in Israel: An Intensive Course in a Women’s Studies Program Using a Transpersonal Approach to Theater ArtsSaphira Barbara Linden
32The Spirit of Healing Trauma: The Therapeutic Spiral Model™Kate Hudgins
33Deep Story: Creative Resonance and Play of the Embodied VoiceMolly Scott
34From Sex Abuse Victim in the Dominican Republic to Healer in the United States Schools: My Transformation through Transpersonal Drama TherapyJulie Munne
35Four Original Transformational Theater Plays Through The Lens of One Actress Who Played in All FourSusan Nisenbaum Becker & Saphira Barbara Linden
36Improbable Players: Using Applied Theater in Addictions PreventionLynn Bratley
37Finding My Way: A Transformational Theater Process and Performance on Facing MidlifeSuzanne Frazier Wilkins
38The Raspberry Rose Traveling Nutrition Show: A Creative Arts Multi-Sensory Nutrition Education ProgramJacalyn Newman
39Transformational Storytelling: the Art of the FoolWilliam Suhrawardi Hassan Gebel
40I Just Knew Something Was Going to be Different This Time: The Unfolding of Stella BodaciousRobin “Osunnike” Scott Manna
41Gathering in Gratitude: An Eco-psychological Approach to Transpersonal Drama Therapy for Community HealingLuz Elena Morey
42The Cosmic Celebration: A Celebration of The Unity of All Religions and The Human FamilySaphira Barbara Linden