Luz Elena, pronounced Luce Elayna, is a Colombian-born trainer and performing artist. She has facilitated innovative, transformational expressive arts programs for over 25 years and specializes in coaching leaders, healers and teachers. Luz Elena is founder and director of Mahalo Art Center, creator of the Gathering in Gratitude process, and co-founder of the Vermont Wilderness School.

She is director and producer of the film, The Source, a documentary about the Gathering in Gratitude process, and author of the book, Romantic Attraction and the Longing for Bliss, a look at romantic attraction from developmental, evolutionary, spiritual, psychological, biological and cultural perspectives. This book is available through Mahalo Art Center.

Luz Elena facilitates creative, earth-connected, multicultural, and multi-generational experiences, which support healthy connection with self, others, spirit, nature and a sense of community. Her work specializes in building awareness, self-esteem, creativity and healthy community.

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